an empty carousel at sunset
My own piece of cyberheaven used as a medium to express my misery in life or to display my lame attempts at being substantive.
Monday, December 30, 2013
6:28 AM
You’ll show me your world and your tastes, and I’ll work hard to understand them. I’ll work hard to love them. I’ll keep my own perferences secondary, something for later, because I’ll want to know everything about you first. You’ll fail to notice, and I’ll fail to question my motives.You’ll wonder how I got to be so giving, so pliable, so passionate, and I’ll allude to a past riddled with trysts. You’ll listen to my adventures, and you’ll hear only as much as you want. You’ll relegate the rest to a realm of hazy fantasy, divorcing it from me, from the reality of the person before you. You’ll see a charming imp, unmarred by darkness, unfettered by pain.
Read the lines, read every sentence, read every word...
I'm not trying to imply anything. Once you see something in writing, it no longer appears to be cliche and stupid. It will actually make sense. And can I just gush at how this person wrote something so beautiful about something so tragic. Respect.

This Is How I'll Lose You by Meghan Seawell