Is this how the basics do it?
Saturday, May 24, 2014
9:08 AM
And I can officially say it's summer.
Last week, my cousin invited me to go with her and her family, along with a few office mates, to Boracay. Who wouldn't say no to Boracay? Of course I agreed. So I only had a few hours to pack yet the excitement I felt was already off the roof. Although I had troubles with my Dad regarding this trip, it was all worth it. Most of the time I was with Bea (my niece) and because of her company (and charm that foreigners can't help but notice), I had the time of my life in Boracay. We enjoyed the walking, the eating, the drinking and of course, the partying (lol). We also went on the Zorb and that definitely was one of the most buwis buhay things I did in my entire life. I was in a rough place days before the trip but I momentarily forgot about my problems thanks to its scenic beach, picturesque environment and wild nightlife.

 Zorb-ing somewhere
 Selfie-ing albeit the intense heat
 5 minutes of our lives that we won't get back
 The place where I ordered a mango shake for Php 150 and a bottled water for Php 90. And omg look I have boobs!
 At this point all I could hear inside were our screams 
 I was taking in the scene. 
 Yes, they're right. One should never miss the sunset when in Boracay
 Ahh, yes. 
Bea caught me taking in the scene
Bea and I are planning to go back there again next year but this time, it will only be us and my other cousin, Bap. I really hope we will be able to have the time and the money to do so. I know with their company, I will definitely enjoy more the trip. A week has passed since our trip but I'm still having a Boracay hangover. But in due time, I know the beach and I will be reunited again.