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Monday, January 12, 2015
5:56 AM
Passed the UPCAT? Take my advice: don't go to UP.

You will probably regret it after one semester (or even a week or two). UP is the most unhealthy place to start off one's college years. You'll feel homesick most of the time (for those who are forced to stay in dorms and boarding houses due to the proximity of the campus). Hungry or having problems with your laundry? Do it yourself cause there won't be any yaya who's going to follow after you. Oh, and this is probably the best time for you learn how to clean your own underwear. Think it's gross? Just shut up and do it. If you can't handle dirty underwear by yourself then it's best not to go to UP.

You'll be introduced to all kinds of vices. Drinking, smoking, drugs, sex. Oh please don't act so surprised when you read that. People there will say it like its no big deal. Sex sex sex sex. People from UP are known for their parties and the things that go on in them. You'll see people making out (and most of the time it's not just boy-girl but also girl-girl and boy-boy), dancing while making out, touching and feeling each other's bodies while dancing. People will not act like it's a big thing because that's just how things are in parties. You think it's not your scene? Then don't go to UP.

A valedictorian you say? Salutatorian, maybe? With honors? UP will not care about your academic accomplishments in high school. Just because you were at the top of your class when you were in high school, doesn't mean it stays that way when you enter college. You're grade-conscious? Don't go to UP because earning a 1 (highest grade a teacher can give you) is not going to be a piece of cake and you'll just probably end up with a 3 (passing grade) if you're lucky.

You'll most probably experience going to class with only 3 hours of sleep. Heck, you're already lucky if you get to sleep. Most UP Profs are known to be "terror" teachers. Feeling tired after attending classes? Well here's a 30-minute prod, 10 lab reps and a 200-page reading worth of schoolwork for you tonight due the next day. You will be friends with Inday in the nearest tindahan because you will buy all her supply of coffee and energy drink for you to survive all your work. Sleep is a luxury for most and if you want to sleep like a baby everyday while you're in college then don't go to UP.

You're a homophobe? Bitch we love the gays here!

You'll come across people from all walks of life. You'll interact with the richest and the poorest. You'll remember your first encounter with a fellow Isko/ Iska who hasn't eaten for a week now because Nanay has no money to send for allowance. People there are not as fortunate as you are. Their houses are not as nice, not as cozy, not as clean and don't you even dare of making a face because you will be branded as insenstive and maarte for the rest of your college life. You graduated from a science high school? Don't be surprised when you get to meet people who are probably 100x smarter than you. You're from a private school? I'll bet you 10 bluebooks that you'd be in shock when you see the buildings and the facilities. People from UP have to get through a minimum of an hour and a half in flimsy and humid classrooms with decade-old chairs and never-washed curtains. You don't think you can handle that? Then don't go to UP.

If you're not ready to give up your comfortable bed at home for a back-spraining one then don't go to UP. If you want to be fetched to and fro by your mother and dread the thought of commuting or riding a tricycle, don't go to UP. If you're not ready to give up yaya then don't go to UP. If you're not ready to compete with people who are as smart and are smarter than you, don't go to UP. You can't imagine yourself eating at a karenderya for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Don't go to UP. If you don't want to involve yourself with social and relevant issues, don't go to UP. You're close-minded? Don't go to UP. You think people's ways there will be a threat to your religious beliefs? Don't go to UP.

If you think you can't handle reality, don't go to UP.
If you're not ready for life, don't go to UP.