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Thursday, June 2, 2016
4:30 AM
Dear self,

Now that you are 90% sure of graduation, take time to reflect over the past 4 years in UP- every inuman session, nights by the beach, drunken stories, crying over acads, mended and ended friendships, heartbreak, etc. You are nothing without all of these.
And now that you've learned to let go of the most toxic person in your life, I expect that your days will be happier, nights will be more sober (or not) and your wallet always full (haha). 
This year so far has been nothing but a roller coaster ride for you. You have half a year ahead and for sure more exciting (and controversial) endeavors are on your way. 
I hope you don't fuck up your future... and I hope you get to finish season 1 of The Flash already.
So here's to you, you one lucky bitch. To happier days! xx