an empty carousel at sunset
My own piece of cyberheaven used as a medium to express my misery in life or to display my lame attempts at being substantive.
Sunday, March 12, 2017
6:17 AM
  • took an exam
  • power napped for four hours
  • had a very informal email exchange with a freelance boss (asked me what dating websites I'd recommend)
  • jogged (and looked like a sweaty pig thanks to my forgetful self for not bringing a towel) 
  • put on a clay mask
  • put on a snail mask (thanks Jax!) (also it smelled very nice and left my skin glowing and smooth)
  • learned that Cleopatra seduced Julius Caesar by wrapping herself in a carpet She was carried by her slaves to Caesar's apartment and was unrolled from the carpet. Art of Seduction 101 
  • lied about going to Church. Sorry